Estate Inspection Gilbeys Yard Estate

Thursday 2nd May 2019, 15:00 deferred to Tuesday 14th May 2019, 15:00

Those present at inspection

Beverley Castle - Housing Officer One Housing Group Ltd

Mark Neal - OHG tenant and Gilbeys Yard Tenants & Residents Association - Repairs, Maintenance & Issues Representative

Brought over from previous inspections >

CPM uniformed parking wardens have stopped visible patrols again, please have them return

Some effort to finally remove playground graffiti after reporting for many months

This should be have been reported by caretakers and actioned without the need for customer intervention at all, they need to raise their standards

but this was left out?

There is a One Housing policy to remove graffiti within a specified time, please start honouring this policy

The estate is littered with these ugly adhesive blobs from parking contractor's signage

Another thing ignored by caretakers who don't take very good care

Reported many many times on estate inspections, where's our service response?

An easy improvement if services were engaged with us

One Housing "pride of ownership" signage faded away along with basic estate services

No pride of ownership shown for Gilbeys Yard, like an estate that time forgot

Housing association sign worn completely blank

Our current Housing Officer, Beverley Castle has worked very hard to get us basic signage, which we are eager to have installed now. It should not have been allowed to deteriorate to this extent and it is estate services supervision that should have noticed and reported this via caretakers.

Shopping Trolleys

I once collected and returned 10 shopping trolleys from around Gilbeys Yard that I had been seeing left for months, when we have "caretakers" on site multiple times a week

Shopping trolleys

Obviously some disabled use them and cant return them and should be supported in returning them by their carers or our estate caretakers

are not cleared by estate services

Some of these trolleys are left around by anti social residents but that should not stop estate services from dealing with these anti social minorities for the service charge paying majority

Dangerous playground

Trip hazard created due to poorly finished ground work